Dreamer, the newest cd

Dear Dreamer,
As I push through my own doubt, I unite with you,
As I occasionally stumble, I bond with you,
And as I triumph, I am one with you.
We are all dreamers nourished by our losses, victories and imagination.
Our natural resources: curiosity, conviction, vulnerability, defiance, and passion
shape our dreams.
The world needs you. Do not allow fear to hold back your bold optimism
Unleash the possibilities, after all, Hope is Power.


"Clearly Shunzo Ohno is no ordinary man. A spectacular trumpeter and an even greater musician, he has still not been recognized for his extraordinary musicianship." "concert of hope and determination for global harmonious future instigated by a disaster, weather personal or global, it is universal." "Shunzo packs a fulfilling and satisfying "aural punch"!  - Raul De Gama Jazzgama

A solid body of work that is born out of Shunzo's love for music since his childhood as well as out of his experiences since coming to the U.S. in the early 1970's."

"legendary qualities of character, bravery and spirit of the samurai, to the landscape of music."


A virtuosic jazz trumpeter and an accomplished composer and arranger, Shunzo Ohno was one of the leading jazz trumpeters in his native Japan by the age of 19. Ohno moved to New York City in 1974 to perform with jazz legend Art Blakey & The Messengers. Since then, he has performed and toured with many of the world's greatest jazz artists, including Art Blakey, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Gil Evans, Larry Coryell, and many more. With numerous recordings under his own name as a leader, he has also appeared on over 30 more as a sideman and has collaborated on two Grammy recordings. More >

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